Ming lock Luban wood system puzzle gift adult children of all ages a variety of optional questions to unlock some sort of relief

Ming lock Luban wood system puzzle gift adult children of all ages a variety of optional questions to unlock some sort of relief

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Children's toys Price: 10 yuan
  • Color Classification: 6 -75 × 75mm beads spell to take big pineapple character qualities of small ball eighteen -66 × 66mm color twenty-four fundamental qualities of fourteen small lock character qualities of tact -60 × 60mm interlocking qualities of Tic-Tac-Lock nine-ball qualities of character qualities of water chestnut Ming ball cage to take treasure character qualities of the cage to take the ball character Luban lock ball character qualities plum color wooden knot threesome -55 × 55mm character qualities fifteen through twelve sisters Gemini character qualities lock lock football qualities lock lock lock lilac color qualities cube
  • Category (Important Be sure to fill in): Ming lock / Luban lock
  • Is there a shopping guide Video: None
  • Age: 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years 11 years 12 years 13 years 14 years 14 years and older


Ming lock for relaxation, brain development, flexible fingers are good is the ages of leisure toys.;

Ming lock looks simple, in fact, within the infinite mystery, to no avail, it is difficult to complete the split.

brain game:

Is the need to slowly study, meditate, have a sense of accomplishment only yourself, but also to realize the value in their own toys start brain.

On educational toys matching principle is not the answer, at the request of many guests, we have done a diagrammatic section "for reference only difference will be a little different with drawing some versions"

You can also go to 'Baidu' search for the next video, can be found above.

Tip 1: Unlock the installation step is not unique, each person steps of the method are different.

Tip 2: Because now express very violent, there will inevitably be bumps on the way, wood is fragile, if the individual parts are damaged, we have to fill a single part or a refund, on the other circumstances are serious, such as the return of non-product problem

Unpacking not to return must be complete and does not affect the secondary sales.

You captured on your behalf when the product has been recognized by our Terms and Conditions and accept the baby - first characteristic shortcomings and our approach.

First, on the issue of wood.

1, there will be wood by wood, tree eye, inevitable.

2, on the surface of the wood and cutting place will be slightly uneven.

Second, on the elastic problem.

1, the expansion and contraction of the wood due to the weather.

2, wood easy to crack, when the cutting machine, incidentally, will go in, causing some small gap.

3, wood cutting machine is the size of the error will be inevitable, and the production of plastic toys are different, not comparable with fine furniture.

4, unlock the toy is composed of a plurality of wood strips, wood, long or short, resulting in some loose some tight.

Third, on the odor problem.

1, wooden toys are a bit much flavor that problem, open ventilation, a long time just fine.


Ming lock made from wood, non-tightness of the regulation (loose side)

Unlock Description

Original wooden Ming lock, its significance lies Duanlian mental development, intelligence.

And steps to unlock also vary, and therefore do not deserve to unlock the answers explained.

Searching internet search Ming lock unlock video

Some fans uploaded a portion of the video, not all of the answers, oh.

As mind, please carefully purchase, before you can buy a few more consultation.