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Oval stone ring

Oval stone ring
  • Oval stone ring
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Other info: 4KG
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One Pair Oval Hematite Chatter Magnet Stones Singing Buzz Sound

Great to play with, easy to take along

You will be receiving 1 pair, just like shown in the photo above. Great for birthday party favors or other gift giving occasions.

These fun little magnetic toys produce a buzzing or rattling type sound when played with. These powerful magnets are tons of fun, great for hand eye coordination, and are a fantastic stress reliever.

To use: Place magnets in hand and keep separate with your thumb. Gently toss the toys into the air. The natural magnetic pull will attract them to one another resulting in varying sounds depending on how they are tossed. After some practice you will be able to get impressive high pitched singing sounds from these addictive little stones.