Apple | Android remote control aircraft

Apple | Android remote control aircraft

Product description:

Battery: 3.7V 160mAh Li-Polymer
Movement: Left/ Right Rotation; Forward/ Back; Hover and Land/ Missile Launch
Control Range: above10 meters
3 Channel Band Selection (A/ B/ C)
Gyro Tilt Control
Suitable for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models
Suitable for HTC Desire S; HTC Desire HD; HTC Incredible S; HTC Wild Fire; HTC Wild Fire S; HTC Hero; HTC Sensation; Samsung 9100; Samsung i9000; Moto MB525; and LG P350 Android Phones
Charging Time:
- Transmitter: 45 minutes
- Helicopter: 45 minutes
Playing Time:
- Transmitter: 30 minutes
- iHelicopter: 6-8 minutes