Spring and autumn explosion models genuine celebrity endorsements VOGGIN Vargo Variety magic shirt

Spring and autumn explosion models genuine celebrity endorsements VOGGIN Vargo Variety magic shirt

Product description:

[NAME] variety magic shirt
[SIZE] ruler inches long 160cm wide 45cm (code, high elastic)
[WEIGHT] about 250 grams of weight
[COLOR] classic black; Gao Guiyan purple; elegant; charming green leaves pale lilac; popular; fashion; glamour violet ash turmeric (7 colors)
[Composition] 30% wool - ensuring VOGGIN (Vargo) comfortable and warm!
10% cashmere - ensuring VOGGIN (Vargo) texture soft
25% silk - ensuring VOGGIN (Vargo) silk air!
15% wood Dyer - to ensure VOGGIN (Vargo) soft close!
20% anti pilling fiber - ensuring VOGGIN (Vargo) high-grade quality, long-term use of pilling!

SKU: 901959-A02-22-04

Variety magic shirt this cool, seasons can wear Oh!
Each VOGGIN Variety magic shirt worn equipped with detailed instructions, please rest assured purchase!

(Buy low-end bargains, please bypass) VOGGIN (Vargo) own research and development of high-grade raw materials, cost more than other brands of '30% wool + 70% acrylic '2 times higher, it is ordinary cotton, acrylic, polyester, viscose 4-5 times the cost of plastic raw materials, quality workmanship, high-grade texture is absolutely first class, so do not take the low-end product we compare! buy cheap, low-grade goods, please bypass!

(High-grade custom-made raw materials, more personal comfort) we test hundreds of times; adding cashmere in wool; modal; silk; anti-pilling fiber; developing new yarn materials; so VOGGIN (Vargo) not only soft close silky breathable and cool, and can resist ultraviolet invasion. Let yarn only in the spring and autumn and winter clothing to use, you can use all four seasons .VOGGIN (Vargo) used are customized, colors are fixed dyeing, the market will not find the same raw materials.

(Cool, seasons are used) due to the addition of silk, so VOGGIN (Vargo) has a cool feature, feel the summer heat, winter is very warm! Have a trace of cool feeling just to get the hands of time , consistent with the body temperature gradually wear it, this is the role of silk. spring and autumn, it is fashionable sweaters, waistcoat, shawls, vests. summer stick to him as wearing a vest, sleeveless. winter she may also be scarves, small outer shirt ..

(Product name) Variety Magic shirt
(Size) length 160cm width 45cm (Size, high elasticity)
(By weight) of about 250 g
(Color) classic black; noble brilliant purple; green leaves and elegant; charming pale lilac; popular soot; fashion turmeric; charm Violet (7 colors)
(Component) 30% wool - ensures VOGGIN (Vargo) comfortable and warm!
10% cashmere - ensures VOGGIN (Vargo) supple texture
25% silk - to ensure the VOGGIN (Vargo) Silky breathable!
15% Modal - ensures VOGGIN (Vargo) soft close!
20% anti-pilling fiber - ensuring the VOGGIN (Vargo) high-grade quality, long-term use can not afford the ball!

SKU: 901959-A02-22-04