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Radio Toys | Remote dove | Remote bird | Remote birds | wireless remote control simulation birds flapping wing

Radio Toys | Remote dove | Remote bird | Remote birds | wireless remote control simulation birds flapping wing
  • Radio Toys | Remote dove | Remote bird | Remote birds | wireless remote control simulation birds flapping wing
Product code: 18176400001
Unit price: 147 CNY  (21.38 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 44KG
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Amazing Flapping-Wing Aircraft R / C Flying Robot E-Bird Toy Bird Hunter wigh Infrared Gun


Exclusive and new arrival

E-bird flights with flapping wings like authentic bird

Easy and safe to operate

The bird has intelligent charging technology; turn on the sound switch will heard the sound like a bird

Remote distance: about 20m

The bird can be turn to front / up / down / left or right

Radio control makes it suitable for playing outside and inside

Comed with an infrared gun, which can be used to shot down the flying bird.

Could be a good partner in studing and entertainment for children, kids or adult.

Powered by 4 * AA batteries (Not included)


Material: foam + EPP

Ages: 2+

Color: in random ( please make clear the color when you place the order!)

Dimensions: 10.83 in x 8.27 in x 3.35 in (27.5 cm x 21.0 cm x 8.5 cm)

Package size: 29.5 * 28 * 8.5 cm

G / W: 500g

Package Include:

1 x R / C Flying Robot E-Bird

1 x Remote controller

1 x Infrared gun

1 x Antenna

(Trade name) wireless remote control birds
(Product weight) 500 g
(Package size) 29.5 * 28 * 8.5 cm
(Size) 21.5 * 27 * 8 cm
(Product Material) EPP steering with a new surface material (soft type), using high-grade foam body
(Colour) Picture Color
(Packing list) box + wireless remote control + wireless birds + wireless antenna + manual
(Commercial Property) 1. The real flapping wing flight 2. Simulation of birds vivid image 3. Multiple safety protection circuit design 4.360 degree omnidirectional remote control, without interference under the sun 5.'s Unique intelligent charging technology 6. Wireless start matching technology, 7. The control operation easier than interfering 8. difficult to damage
9. This product with infrared gun, in the course of the flight of birds, the birds can be shot, will drop down after hitting the material is foam, not easy to break!
(Product features) can be like a bird flying freedom has been the dream of mankind, ornithopter differs from fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, it is by flapping wings can generate lift flight, it was only in the field of scientific research only, and the high cost, and the very people who could have, and now thanks to advances in bionics technology, people can now enjoy the bird low price flying fun Note: birds flying in the sky and really no difference Shiyao, do not let slingshot to play down, ho ho because light so flying time a little longer than some remote-controlled aircraft, charging method: 1; the power to pull the remote control to 'ON' position; green power indicator light; the remote power on the bird belly switch 'off'; 2; Note the remote middle projecting a jack; then the birds into the remote control on the remote middle projecting port (remote control birds should head towards the remote end of the line can only be inserted into the antenna, remote control Red charge indicator light, indicating the start charging. 3, charging is completed (about 20 minutes), the charging indicator light turns off. The remote control birds pull down from the remote control to open the remote control birds 'switch', followed in his hand do Good flight status remote control distance: 20 meters fuselage built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery, charging directly using the remote control, remote control uses four AA batteries (not distribution battery, require customers to buy another).
(Tips) If you want to give the baby toys friends buy flight, I recommend this remote control birds. Because the operation is simple, children over 6 years old can operate, because the light is not easily damaged! More will not hurt the baby, because ornithopter is a precision toy that everyone shall be no warranty for the damaged fuselage is very light weight, please no wind flight in place. If the bird hit the branches or other object, please immediately will throttle received in the end, let the birds free fall (birds very light, it will not break the free fall)
(Product Warning) 1. Not suitable for children under the age of 2. 1 should be used under adult guardianship.
(Product Use) Children presented prizes and the best choice for holiday gifts for children 2 years old or more.