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Green Apple 3D dimensional crystal puzzle

Green Apple 3D dimensional crystal puzzle
  • Green Apple 3D dimensional crystal puzzle
Product code: 18176300001
Unit price: 8 CNY  (1.17 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 24KG
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This 3D puzzle is fun to play with. When you finish assembling it, you will get a great decoration item. Being patient & clever enough, you can build a beautiful 3D crystal apple figure from 44 pcs of fragmented physical puzzles. Slowly turn the fragmented pieces into a beautiful work of art, appreciate the fun of creating from scratches and test your IQ at the same time !!!

Product Specifications:

Material: Acrylic

Color: Green

Please refer to the photo for color selection

*** Slight color difference may occur between the actual item and the photos above because the monitors you use may show color contrast ***

No. of Pieces: 44

Assembled Size: 7.5cm x 7.5cm

Perfect for kids & adults to play

An alternative to traditional puzzles, try 3D Acrylic ones

Innovative 3D puzzles that trains your patience & IQ

Test your brain & delight your eyes with these fun 3 dimensional puzzles

Weight: 0.26 Kg

SKU: 901959-B09-07-02

Notice: Color of pictures may vary by different monitor setting. All pictures are real stock photos.

*** Note: Choking Hazards, not recommended for children under 8 years old ***

What's Included In The Package:

1 x 3D Crystal Apple Puzzle

Rage ~ 3D Puzzle ~ three-dimensional crystal puzzle ~ challenge your IQ and patience ~

Flat puzzles and wooden puzzles lack of realism, has made the majority of players feel the endless boring. Their needs is the market opportunity for players to bring fresh, extraordinary, more challenging puzzle products is our business We can not shirk responsibility.

Under Hu call customer expectations and the market, we will rage, 3D three-dimensional crystal puzzle ceremoniously introduced to the domestic players.

It makes up the monotony of flat puzzle, wooden puzzles more than three-dimensional and realistic.

Crystal jewelry is also compared favorably ~ Come and challenge to see it !!!!

(Unit): a

(Size): 7.5 * 7.5cm (apple size)

(material: plastic

(Packaging): boxed

Condition: New

Dimensions: cm X cm X cm

Weight: 0.26 kg

Material: Plastic

Color: Green

SKU: 901959-B09-07-02

Note: Due to different monitor settings may result in color, but all the pictures are from in-kind shooting, please rest assured purchase.