The new shampoo cap | yellow

The new shampoo cap | yellow

Product description:

NEW Safe Shower Bath Cap for Baby Children

1, and high elastic material, a integrated
2, unique design, caps moderate length
3, material: EVA resin

BB soft shampoo cap for infants less than one year
Developed for letting babies enjoy showering hour and make shower for babies much easier
Unique design; effectively protects baby's eyes; nose; ears and mouth from shampoo and bathwater
Made of ultra soft & elastic materials
Has 80ºC heat resist attributes for long time uses
Environment friendly and non-toxic, no harm to babies skin at all
Lightweight with funny outlook, suitable for baby to wear
For baby less than 1 year only
Color: yellow
Size: 30cm (Diameter) ,Thickness: 0.1cm
Note: Be sure to keep baby's hair all wrapped inside the cap, and ear to be under the cap
Package Included:
1 X Bath Cap for Baby