Baby safety / crash protection Zhuojiao / WA-039 / Red

Baby safety / crash protection Zhuojiao / WA-039 / Red

Product description:

2 x Baby Safety Table Corner Edge Cover Guard Protector


When infants are able to walk by themselves, all materials in home become objects that are to be conquered by infants. The parents do not care for the objects that may be spoiled by infants, but care for their loved babies as they may hurt themselves. Infants can even be hurt or tumble when they bump against the desk or table corner! This soft cover can effectively protect infants against the possible injury from bumping against a desk corner.


This safety soft table corner edge cover can effectively reduce the hurt when children baby kids bump against the desk corner.

Keep your child always safe and avoid accidents and dangers.

Made with non-toxic NBR (= Nitrile -Butadiene Rubber) soft material

100% brand new, good quality

Color: RED

Quantity: 2pcs

This product is made of high quality raw materials, safe and nontoxic. Its soft, elastic, for Zhuojiao, effectively reduce the harm arising after the child accidentally hit the corner of the table.