The new crash protection stick Zhuojiao

The new crash protection stick Zhuojiao

Product description:

Condition: Brand new

Size: 4cm X 4cm X 2cm

Weight: 0.07 Kg

Material: Silica gel

Colour: as picture

SKU: 901959-A05-21-08

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Positive toddler children always stumbled, even three-year-old children are always abruptly, the family of chairs angular inevitably close contact with them. Loving mothers who finally found a solution to the problem requires only !! This product will stick to the four corners of the can to alleviate this trouble, installed in table and furniture edges and corners, so that other objects and furniture edges and corners collision, the cushion because of the rational design of adhesive tape, paste is very convenient. use This product can make the body accidentally bumped at edges and corners of furniture parts from harm, or reduce pain.

Condition: New

Size: 4 cm X 4 X 2 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.07 kg

Material: Silicone

Color: As pictures

SKU: 901959-A05-21-08

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