Infants and young children car seat bag | Seat | strap carry bag | Blue | Red | khaki | tricolor Random

Infants and young children car seat bag | Seat | strap carry bag | Blue | Red | khaki | tricolor Random

Product description:

The portable baby safety seat is treated as the savior of baby's safety in Europe and a new star among the family of baby car seats. The restricted and reasonable design, it is not only as safe as the traditional baby car seats but also to install, carry and wash easily.

Dimension: Child Seat for 1 year to 5 years.


1. Stuffed head cushion, back cushion, front cushion and bottom, all belts are variable in length.

2. Use compound of high-density, slow-bounce sponge and fabric.

3. Comfortable and air permeable with friendly environmental and sterile material.

4. Two position height for adjustment system. It can be adjusted according to different weight and height to fit babies approx and comfortably.

5. Multi-buckle and convertible harness can be adjusted to create a comfortable position for babies.

6. According to ergonomics and any other things, a new design of round rest, a mini pillow and lengthened harness, can reach an optimal performance, and even the babies seem like being held in mother's embrace.

7. Easy-to-use fastenings, and hardness is separate from the baby for added safety, Offering all dimensional protection to your children in the car.


1. Take two belts of back of cushion down through the between headrest and backrest of seat.

2. Take two bottom belts of the back of cushion up through the between backrest and pad of car seat.

3. Lock the buckle of the belt , and tight it.


1. Put your baby on cushion, hike protection abdomen pad, lock the shoulder buckle and abdomen buckle.

2. Pull out the three point safety belt of car seat, take the buckle through protection abdomen pad isolated layer, then insert it into the car seat safety belts.


This car seat must be used matching three points car safety belts.

Size: 120cm X 36cm X 1.5cm

Weight: 0.54 Kg

Colour: as pictures, Tricolor random

SKU: 901959-A13-29-08

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Package Included:

1 x Car Safety Belt