Angel Guard Seat Belt Safety clasp, car safety buckle

Angel Guard Seat Belt Safety clasp, car safety buckle

Product description:

Do your young children or grandkids make driving unsafe by unbuckling their seat belts? Are you worried about their safety as they are no longer protected by the seat belt? Or that they might disturb your driving and compromise both your safety?
Solve your problem now! The Angel Guard Buckle Guard was designed to prevent children from unbuckling their seat belts.
We won't lie: kids may be a little annoyed at first that they can't escape. But you can drive knowing you are both safe!


Has your child learned how to unbuckle their seatbelt? Now you can keep your little angels safe and yourself sane with the Angel Guard. Just slip it on to the seatbelt buckle, fasten the seatbelt like normal and you're ready to go. The Angel Guard is the seatbelt deterrent you need for your kids.

  • Slips on easily without any tools
  • Easy to remove in an emergency
  • Works well with special needs children
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Installs in seconds

SKU: TV171