Electric shock / Power Safety Lock / WA-005B / two-phase

Electric shock / Power Safety Lock / WA-005B / two-phase

Product description:

Baby Child Electrical Socket Security Safety Lock Cover



100% brand new




• This product can protect children against unexpected danger of electric shock.

• Keep your child always safe and avoid accidents.

• Baby difficult to pull out, just available to parents pull out by special key.

• Easy to install and used alone does not affect the normal use of other power plugs.

• Humanized design, common to two or three plug sockets.

• After the power security lock has been installed you can open it with the provided keys for use.

• Durable & reliable.

Package included

6 X Electrical Security Lock
1 X Pull Key

This product is made โ€‹โ€‹of high quality raw materials, safe and nontoxic. For idle power outlet to prevent child fun hole conductive substance into a power accidents.