Yellow chicks Babies stereotypes pillow

Yellow chicks Babies stereotypes pillow

Product description:

Chicken Baby Toddler Safe Cotton Anti Roll Pillow Sleep Head Positioner


Brand new pillow for infant

Features soft surface and cute cartoon patterns

Perfect support for your baby's head and neck

Could protect infant's cervical vertebra well, offers your baby a better sleep

Condition: Brand new

Size: 40cm X 18cm X 10cm

Weight: 0.103 Kg

Material: Cotton

Colour: Yellow

SKU: 901959-A10-04-04

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Package Included:

1 x Baby Pillow

Role one: two pillows were placed on both sides of the waist baby, the baby's body can be adjusted according to the distance between the pillow prevents the baby sleeping stand up is not timely detection and cause suffocation.
Role two: two pillows were placed on both sides of the baby's head, according to the baby's head shape can adjust the distance between the pillow, the baby's head can be securely fixed in the middle of the baby migraine correct oblique.
Give as gifts for personal use, is very good. Do not miss like the mother

Some babies just born positional spit amniotic fluid Oh, when you want! But your baby can not positional, with this versatile pillow to solve the Oh!
Discharge doctors take care of you no mother, newborn baby must be positional, so prevent baby into the trachea causing danger Yinai ...
Moms certainly feeling the baby during the day do not understand the black night, the evening often fine leather power to do, and always worried when pressing around delicate baby stand up... This is a baby positional pillows, can help mothers to care for the baby, protection Oh baby

product manual:

One, Magic gluing designed to adjust the size of the pillow, the baby's small head can be securely fixed in the middle, to avoid danger of suffocation caused by turning.

Second, put the baby waist on both sides, according to the baby's body can adjust the distance between the pillow.

When the baby grew older, the hardness of the skull also followed larger, suture adhesion, the first type is not the General Assembly to change the inner adjustment of the golden age of the baby head type is two months after the baby is born.

If you find that your baby's head shape asymmetry or does not look good two months later, and in the first three months too late to adjust quickly. 3 months or more baby head shape basically fixed. Baby is one year old to one year old and a half, fontanelle closes, the baby's head shape on stereotypes, and very difficult to change.

Sleep a good head type

Chinese parents are accustomed to in the past let the baby supine sleeping position, so the Chinese people face is mostly flat, three-dimensional sense is not strong. Also, sit still vulnerable back of the head resulting in asymmetric turned the baby needs to form a migraine, while Westerners are accustomed to Let your baby tummy sleeping, cheeks long been oppressed, so that facial contours become clear.

However; parents should be based on the baby's appearance to determine the baby's sleeping position; for example: high cheekbones, some babies; let him lay sleeping if any; cheekbones will be higher in the future; but became the face does not look good; Such babies take about Ceshui more appropriate manner; this will not cause the skull flat; it does not make the forehead and occipital (back of the head) is squeezed, make a beautiful head type profile.

If the baby is not too high cheekbones, whose parents belong to the kind of relatively flat face, if taken Pashui way, it will make the cheekbones protruding become many good-looking, but it also let the baby face narrower longer. Therefore, only the round-faced baby is not high cheekbones, is more suitable for this approach.

Tip: Take the prone sleeping position also has a certain risk, there must be someone to care, pay attention to whether the baby's airway patency Hu, Hu prevent respiratory tract obstruction.

Sleep out delicate facial features

To one side when you sleep long sleep, it is possible to make the case about the baby's facial asymmetry occurs on both sides may change significantly prone oppression cheekbones, not too much development cheekbones, bridge of the nose to show towering, mouth and chin side lines straight. backs you can make your baby's facial features grow more upright, symmetrical face Pangqian Li.

Sleep a good skin

Lying supine the facial muscles in the best state of relaxation, blood circulation without any interference, facial skin thereby obtain sufficient oxygen and nutrient supply.

2 large Usage: Adjust the baby sleeping position, sleeping head type (round or flat head)

WHY To adjust the baby's sleeping position?

A few days before the new-born baby is the requirement Ceshui! Because lungs amniotic fluid, if the baby was sleeping in case of choked, very dangerous Oh!.. There is Once the baby will stand up, fall asleep at night to sleep the rolled over on his own, and then cry because they do not turn back. With this pillow, you can prevent the baby rollover pull!

How to use this pillow to sleep a flat head or round it?

Because people like, some adults want to baby flat head. There are hopes the baby first round of the new-born baby is not sleeping with his head positive, not the other way left is down right. So long as less than a month's time, you will will find the baby's head type partial sleep it! you want your baby to sleep on a flat head with a pillow as long as the two sides of the baby's head on it. Want to sleep out of the ball is a positive side Shuishui Shuishui then 2, n Sleeping with the head 2 is unitary side, positional is to let the baby body sideways at the waist with 2 sides. Ceshui time remember to 2 sides often a change, change a few hours while the old side of the face while sleeping will be the size of, oh !

My baby is now x months, but also corrected unitary?

If you find that your baby's head shape asymmetry or does not look good two months later, and in the first three months too late to adjust quickly. 3 months or more baby head shape basically fixed. Baby is one year old to one year old and a half, fontanelle closes, the baby's head shape on stereotypes, and very difficult to change. (My family has been very easy Xinxin one hundred days ago Yinai, it is three and a half months after a positive start to his sleep, he really practical use This time it was sleeping pillow about a month, the back part of the MS angle projecting flat to sleep. So I think as long as the baby will stand up before you can use, of course, the sooner the better. As the baby would turn over can also be used, as long as the baby to sleep at night is obediently!)

Condition: New

Dimensions: 40 cm X 18 X 10 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.103 kg

Material: Cotton

Color: Yellow

SKU: 901959-A10-04-04

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