Holland wire mesh

Holland wire mesh

Product description:

Wave-type fence Also known as wave network, network Netherlands, is a tall appearance protection products, the upper part of a protective spikes, galvanized steel cable, plus PVC coated handle; while maintaining the appearance, to ensure the greatest degree of sturdiness and durable.

Low carbon steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire.


High quality wire rod as raw material, through galvanized, PVC heat shrinkable protective welded powder dip in roll or sheet net, and the main column with a special plastic clamp or high-strength steel wire clamp connection (with a falling anti-corrosion, anti-UV The characteristics).

1, beautiful, practical, and convenient transportation and installation;
2., terrain adaptability, and the column connecting with undulating ground can be adjusted up or down;
3, added four in the transverse bending stiffener, in the overall cost increase, while small, so that the net surface a significant increase in strength and beauty.

Products common specifications:

Wire diameter Dimensions: 3.5mm
Mesh Size: 1.8x30m 1.5mx 30m 2mx30m
Mesh size: 50 x 50mm 50mmx100mm
Net column height: 2.1mm 2.3mm
Net column spacing: 3m
Oblique support: every 30m with two

Domestic highways, railways, airports, residential area, port, feeding and husbandry.

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Specifications can be customized, the actual price depends on the specifications of commodities, trade and other factors.

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