New Car | cool skull decorative lights

New Car | cool skull decorative lights

Product description:

4pcs Skull Shaped Car Auto Decoration LED Light Lamp with Double-sided Tape sticker

With unique sculpt, it could be a lucky charm. It is made of super high brightness LED, changing blue to red in turn. At night, it is easy to attract more attention and make the driver safer.


1. Taking high quality chrome on the surface, it is fadeless, fashionable, practical and excellent.

2. It can be installed inside or outside your car, such as the head, tail, side, license plate, mirror etc or the place you like. When installed exterior, the light can increase the warning effect for safe driving at night.
3. Light color: Blue to red in turn

4. Size (one piece): L 6.5cm x W 4.3cm x H 2.5cm

Before installation; please choose a proper location; and then wash it and make it dry;
Tear off the protective film of the double-sided tape and stick the light on the proper location;
Connect the power cord with the wires (the red-gray wire to anode and the gray wire to cathode).
This product is suitable for vehicle with DC12V power supply only.

Package included:
4 x Skull Shaped Car Auto Decoration LED Light Lamp

New car cool skull decorative lights