One pair of super-bright Xenon HID 35W bulb type H7 4300K

One pair of super-bright Xenon HID 35W bulb type H7 4300K

Product description:


1. Specially-designed xenon lamps adopt high-tech material
2. It features low power consumption and long service life
3. Waterproof and dustproof HID meets the high standards of product quality
4. Compact modular design for easy installation: only insert HID bulb into the original lamb hole, stick to the ballast and connect it to the power supply
5. The combination of more light output and wide beam will potentially enhance your safety during driving
6. HID lamps with good color temperature will improve the performance of a car
7. Xenon lamps are characterized by enhanced durability and shock resistance
8. This xenon lamps with 35W power will bring you the unprecedented comfort and safe driving at night
9. It is not lightened by the high-voltage electrical stimulation instead of tungsten filament, which would prolong the lifespan of the lamp

1. Single beam
2. Color temperature: 4300K
3. Brightness: 3100 Lumens
4. Socket type: H7
5. Power: 35W
6. No. of bulbs: 2
7. Dimensions: 6.2x4cm (LxD)
8. Weight: 150g

Package Included:
2 x 35W SUPER BRIGHT Car Xenon HID Bulbs for H7 4300K