1156-1W High Power Light | White single point

1156-1W High Power Light | White single point

Product description:

SMD 1156 Super Bright Pure White LED Car Light Bulb Lamp

Product Features:
Super White Bright SMD LED vehicle light
Low power consumption and ultra long life
Easy to install; simply to replace; convenient using
Apply for replacement of Turn Signal Light; Corner Light; Parking Light; Side Marker Light; Tail Light; and Backup Lights; etc
LED type: 1156
Power: 1W
-LED Beam: White
-Appearance: Silver

Product Specifications:
Base Diameter: 1.5cm (approx.)
Bulb Diameter: 2.2cm (approx.)
Power Supply: 12V DC
Dimension: 3.8 x 2.4 cm

Package Contents:
1 x SMD LED 1156 Bulb

1156-1W high power lamp white light

Super bright LED lights, low energy consumption, long service life. Installation is simple and convenient.

LED Type: 1156

Power: 1W

Color: Silver