induction heating machine

induction heating machine

Product description:

induction heating machine

GP-30 Features:

1High heating temperature, Rapid, Short time, Uniform heating of a metal material, Less oxidation of the surface of the object heated, Tiny deformation of the workpiece, Non-contact heating

2Flexible adjustment of the output power, convenient and can be controlled accurately

3Easy control of the temperature makes the stable product quality

4Complex artifacts can be heated since the shape of the induction heating coil can be adjusted, and locally heating can also be realized

5Transistor devices applied in the machine is with small loss, together with the nverter control technology , the machine efficiency is up to 95%, and the energy-saving, water-saving effect is remarkable

6Small size, Light weight, No noice or dust

7Sensitive protection action, Main parts with long life, low failure rate, reliable performance, continuous working

8Work when connected to water and electricity, easy to operate and convenient maintenance