H4 gold light car lights

H4 gold light car lights

Product description:

H4 12V 60 / 55W Golden Yellow Halogen Xenon Fog Light Bulbs 3000K 2 Pcs
Color: Golden Yellow
Package Content: 2 x H4 Fog light Bulbs
3000K Color temperature
Head Lamp Beam: Fog light
Wattage: 60 / 55W
Power: 12V Drawing input
Prongs: 3 (Please check with your bulb socket before purchase)
Easy Installation: Plug In and Replace Stock Light Bulbs
Modification: No Needed
H4 12V 60 / 55W 3000K golden rain / fog / snow halogen bulb
Features :
Color: gold light
Package Contents : 2 * H4 bulb gold
3000K color temperature
Headlight beam : fog
Power : 60 / 55W
Power: 12V input
Pins : 3 ( Please check your bulb socket before purchase )
Easy installation: insert the bulb can be used, you can replace the lamp