High brightness auto headlight H9 12V 55W 6500k

High brightness auto headlight H9 12V 55W 6500k

Product description:

A set of two H9 12V 55W 6500k Super White Halogen Bulb for Car Headlight
1. Super white halogen bulb for car headlight
2. Bulbs produces high wattage light and output with a standard watt current drawing
3. Easy installation (plug in & replace stock light bulbs)
4. More visibility when driving at night
5. Direct upgrade replacement of stock headlight bulbs
6. No need to modify
7. Its lifttime is twice as long as ordinary halogen bulb
8. Its thermal efficiency is twice as fast as ordinary bulb
9. Suitable for car examination
10. Specialize for racing
11. 100% new product with high quality
12. Makes your car look unique and luxurious
1. Interface Type: H9
2. Voltage: 12 V
3. Power: 55 W
4. Color temperature: 6500K
5. Package Weight: 0.06kg
6. Product Size: 7.0*4.5*4.5cm
Product Contents:
A set of two halogen bulbs