Car LED lights | T10-3068-68 lamp | White

Car LED lights | T10-3068-68 lamp | White

Product description:

T10 3068 Bulb Wedge Car 68-LED SMD White Light New

►Super White Bright 3068 SMD 68-LED
►Low power consumption and ultra long life
►Easy to install; simply to replace; convenient using
►Apply for replacement of Turn Signal Light; Corner Light; Parking Light; Side Marker Light; Tail Light; and Backup Lights; etc
►Color: As shown in the pictures
►Bulb Model: T10
►Power Supply: 12V DC
►Dimension: 43mm x 11mm
►Light color: white
Package Included:
1 x 68-SMD LED T10 3068 car light

T10 3068 Bulb Wedge car new 68-LED SMD White

Features :
505013-LED super bright white
Low power consumption, long life
Easy to install; replacement simple; easy to use
Replace light application direction; corner lights; parking lights; side marker lights; taillights; and backup lights, etc.
Color: As shown in picture
Bulb Model : T10
Power supply : 12V DC
Dimensions: 43 mm x 11毫米
Light color: white
Package Includes:
1 * 68 - LED SMD T10 3068 lights