handheld digital induction heating equipment

handheld digital induction heating equipment

Product description:

handheld digital induction heating equipment


This equipment can be used in the refrigeration and heating industry,automobile industry,household electric appliance industry,medical device industry etc.

1It can adapt to the brazing technology that are cooler air-conditioner valves parts,refrigerator and freezer pipe parts,solar accessories,compressor parts,washing machine which contains the connection between the tube and pipe,the connection of pipe and enclosure and the connection between the tube and valve,the connection of evaporator and compressors in automobile partsThe short-circuit rings of motor and so on.

2For the complexand inaccessible artifact or workshop position,the handheld equipment can make the induction brazing ,which is small,can save the space,move conveniently and operate easily.

3DSP controls accurately ,realizes the heating curve program of several ranks,makes the heating time accurate to 0.1second,displays the operating parameters in several ways,and its interface is amount ,while the storage device can operates parameter.

4Improve the productivity :the quick,easy-to-ues,accurate,and repeated thermal transmisssion can improve the productivity.

5Improving the working environment :the environment of no flame,no gas and no thermal radiation provides a more comfortable and protective work environment ,which not only improves.

6the productivity,but protects the natural environment

7You can do more work:its mobility,portability and multifunctionality can realize all kinds of heating work.

8Reduce cost:the efficient and precise heating process means that you can get things done at a time and make the waste,rework and energy consumption ninimized.