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T10-3020-20 lamp | White

T10-3020-20 lamp | White
  • T10-3020-20 lamp | White
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T10 3020 Bulb Wedge Car 20-LED SMD White Light New

Super White Bright 3020 SMD 20-LED
Low power consumption and ultra long life
Easy to install; simply to replace; convenient using
Apply for replacement of Turn Signal Light; Corner Light; Parking Light; Side Marker Light; Tail Light; and Backup Lights; etc
Color: As shown in the pictures
Bulb Model: T10
Power Supply: 12V DC
Dimension: 28mm x 11mm
Light color: white
Package Included:
1 x 20-SMD LED T10 3020 car light

Baby Description:

color: white

Normal long bright after power Fast Off On 1-2 times burst into a long bright flash type. Fast flashing ultra catching the ball. Without changing the original car lines.
Structure: 20 Highlight 3020 chip LED lamp, bulb with T10 Wedge Base

Voltage: DC12V

Performance: 1 energy-saving: is the traditional halogen lamp energy consumption of 1/10, can better protect the good car circuit 2 long life: long life of 50000-60000 hours

Description: High brightness; strong vibration; low temperature; a new generation of solid state light source

(product features)
`Can be used as license plate light; reading lamps; door lights; car lights; show wide light; running lights; instrument lights and the like;
`Model consistent with the original car, a direct replacement for the original car glass bulb;
`No filament structure; low fever; vehicle control circuit is not easy oxidation;
`Luminous high purity; a variety of colors DIY; outstanding personalized lighting;
`Cold light, comfortable, low power consumption, is the green light.