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IAxel wireless bridge AP 300M high power outdoor 3 km point-to-point transmission wireless monitoring

IAxel wireless bridge AP 300M high power outdoor 3 km point-to-point transmission wireless monitoring
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: iAxel
  • Model: iAxel EZW6230
  • Network equipment type: wireless bridge
  • Color classification: 2.4G 150M 5.8G 300M

Axelwave wireless bridge, professional wireless monitoring transmission, wireless networking. 365 days of continuous work, stability is more important.

Consultation: 18080077976, 02885534435.

On the wireless bridge purchase instructions:

Q: can really transfer 3 to 5 km?

A: point to point transmission, without blocking the case can reach 3 to 5 km! Note: buy a single, you need to use in pairs to pass 3 to 5 km.

Q: Can the block be used in the middle?

answer: Wireless transmission is a straight line, so point-to-point transmission, the middle can not be blocked! If there is a block in the middle, you need to increase the middle of the relay point, will not be able to look directly at two points.People should first understand their own environmental conditions, and then Consultation customer service

Q: What can a wireless bridge do?

A: The device is ideal for point-to-point wireless monitoring and point-to-point wireless networking, such as elevator monitoring wireless transmission, two places need to share broadband;

Q: Can I receive the WLAN signal for Mobile Unicom Telecom?

A: 2.4G bridge (please note 2.4G version) can accept mobile Unicom Telecom's WLAN signal, provided that the coverage of broadband wireless carriers;

Q: Can I receive wifi signals from other wireless routers?

answer: 2.4G bridge (please pay attention to purchase 2.4G version) Can receive someone else's router wifi signal, but must be in other wireless router launch range.

Q: I heard 2.4G interference is very serious instability?

A: Because the work in the 2.4G frequency of the wireless router too much, so many occasions 2.4G channel interference is serious, so if your environment wifi signal is very much, it is recommended to use 5.8G wireless bridge, although the price is more expensive, But less interference, work more stable, detailed consultation customer service;