axelwave AP 300M power outdoor wireless bridge 3 km point transmission wireless monitoring

axelwave AP 300M power outdoor wireless bridge 3 km point transmission wireless monitoring

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: AXELWAVE
  • Model: AXELWAVE EZW6230
  • Network device type: Wireless Bridge
  • Color Classification: 2.4G 150M 2.4G 300M Bandwidth Bandwidth Bandwidth 5.8G 300M

axelwave wireless bridge, professional wireless monitoring transmission, wireless networking 365 days of uninterrupted work, stability is more important than everything.

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Wireless Bridge on purchase Description:

Q: Really you can transfer three to five kilometers it?

A: point to point transmission, the absence of shelter can reach 3 to 5 km! Note: not a single buy, you need to be paired to transfer three to five kilometers.

Q: Can you use the middle block?

answer: Wireless transmission is linear, so the point to point transmission, do not put a block! If the middle block, the need to increase the relay point in the middle position, you can not look directly at the connecting points. Customers should be aware of their environmental conditions, then Advisory Service;

Q: The wireless bridge can be used to do?

A: The device is ideal for monitoring the transmission and point to point wireless ad hoc wireless network, such as elevator control wireless transmission, two areas need to share broadband;

Q: Can you receive mobile Unicom Telecom's WLAN signal it?

A: 2.4G bridge (Please note optional 2.4G version) can accept Mobile Unicom Telecom's WLAN signal, provided that within the coverage of broadband wireless operators;

Q: What else can receive wireless router wifi signal it?

answer: 2.4G bridge (Please note optional 2.4G version) Others can receive router wifi signal, but must be within the transmission range of other wireless router.

Q: I heard a very serious interference 2.4G unstable?

A: Because the wireless router work in 2.4G frequency too, so now many occasions 2.4G channel interference is serious, so if your environment wifi signal is very much, it is recommended to use 5.8G wireless bridge, although the price is expensive, However, less interference, more stable, more details, consult customer service;