welding machine

welding machine

Product description:

welding machine

DIH-40 Application area:

1.Heat treatment: The induction heating technology is a revolution of the conventional heating approach with its fast speed, energy saving performance, and high efficiency. Eg: High-frequency quenching treatment of hardware, electrical and carpentry tools (such as vise, hammer, locking pliers, wrenches, axes, planing, etc.) ; High-frequency quenching treatment of Steam, rubing matching pieces (such as a crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, camshaft, valveteeth, fork, spline shaft, drive axle, crank shaft, rocker shaft, etc.) ; High-frequency quenching treatment of hydraulic components (such as plunger, rotor pump rotor); High-frequency quenching treatment of metallic materialsannealing treatment (such as tensile steel, pipe, smashed head, stainless steel products, annealing);

2. Welding: mainly used for brazing, welding and cutting tools, such as turning, planing, milling machining; welding of pipe fittings and accessories in refrigeration, HVAC industry : different hybrid welding of metallic materials;

3.Forging industry: mainly used for heating before forging, such as hot pier of (non-)standard parts; forging of pliers, wrenches and other hardware tools before heating; extrusion forming of stainless steel containers ;

4.Melting of metals: smelting of gold, silver, copper and other metals;

5.Electronics industry: welding of antenna connector, oscillator, matching segments

6. Other heating industries: hot charging of metal workpieces and preheating, aluminum foil sealing,heating film of aluminum pipes, cables and wires;