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Ultrasonic cleaning machine home | washing machine cleaning machine glasses watch jewelry cleaner Kemeng KM-900S

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: km / ComeOn
  • Model: km-900S
  • Color Classification: upgrade section gray KM-900T blue KM-900S
  • Capacity: 700mL (including) -900mL (free)
  • Power: 800W or less

Kemeng KM-900S Household ultrasonic cleaning machine, the line is still sought after by the majority of pro and praise!

The default rhyme delivery mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions are not shipping SF Express. Foreign Area Not shipped!

One year free warranty, maintenance of the Decade; buy 1 get 3 Get Accessories A plastic basket [] [] [CD pillars of a small gift]! Advantages configuration: (Liquid crystal display), (digital control), (Drop shatterproof), (sound reduction cover visual real-time work), (cleaning effect), (self-cleaning replace the manual), Ultrasonic cleaning machine industry Taobao sales good drunk!