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Flying Branch Irons Steam Home Steam Irons Household Electric Irons Hand - held Mini Electric Irons FI9309

Flying Branch Irons Steam Home Steam Irons Household Electric Irons Hand - held Mini Electric Irons FI9309
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Flyco / Flying Branch FI-9309
  • Iron Brand: Flyco / Flying Branch
  • Flying Branch Electric Model: FI-9309
  • Iron floor material: Teflon non-stick floor
  • Electric iron maximum power: 1000W (inclusive) -1999W (including)
  • Iron stall selection: 2 files
  • Color classification: orange blue
  • Whether the mini: non-mini
  • Thermostat: mechanical thermostat
  • Iron type: corded iron

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Before reading must read:

1. Iron leakage phenomenon is mostly due to improper operation caused.

Electric iron operation steps: 1, the water tank, please cut off the power, and close the steam stalls 2, open the water tank filling the lid, the iron flattened, and then water (Note: the water should not exceed the water tank water level) , Will adjust the temperature knob to the corresponding fabric position (Note: power upright heating) 4, heated to the temperature control light is turned off after the start ironing.

2. Heat sensitive fabrics, should be pad cloth in the clothing ironing, so as not to deformation and damage, please turn off the power when adding water ~

3. For customers to reflect the water tank in the phenomenon of water droplets, to explain the reasons for you: iron in the off-line when the quality inspectors will all carry the quality of the whole inspection to ensure that every pro received the baby does not appear any quality Problem, we guarantee that every shipment is a new authentic! Support 15 days no reason to return 2 years Genius. Pro can rest assured that the use of ~