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Car mat | Mobile anti-slip mat | car with | yellow

Car mat | Mobile anti-slip mat | car with | yellow
  • Car mat | Mobile anti-slip mat | car with | yellow
Product code: 18075000001
Unit price: 6.86 CNY  (1 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 5KG
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High Quality and brand new.

Smooth and glossy surface; washable, removable, and reusable.

Fit for dashboard, center console or window.

Hold your cell phone, money, sunglasses, iPod or any other personal items with flat surface.

Easy installation (place on any unpainted dashboard, center console or window); no adhesive or magnet use.

Sticky pad is reusable and can be washed when it gets dirty.


Material: High quality soft vinyl surface

Quantity: 1 piece

. Approx size (length x width): 18 x 12 cm

Quantity: 1 x yellow color

SKU: 901951-MH0003

Large size: 18X12CM, watermelon red, black and blue and yellow purple transparent 6 colors

product description:

This product has a bumpy car windows firmly 'catch' the magic of living a mobile phone. You can put it in the car, fixed your phone, GPS navigation systems, clocks, pens, perfume, access cards, coins , tissue boxes, bottles and other items; you can also use it to take your home or office all kinds of remote control, mp3 / mp4, ipod, mirror, comb, small electronic equipment and other often find that little thing fixed in wall or you want it in place. In addition, it also has clean function, you can take it to remove dust from the device such as a keyboard, TV screen, etc., did not reduce its stickiness after washing with water. unique viscous, its sticky from innovative silicone synthesis and special formula design, make its surface can form countless microscopic small cups, it can firmly suck any flat object but can be easily removed, but not any left on the adherend traces of its smooth soft texture can bring you baby skin feeling, it's hard to imagine there will be more extensive use of unitary!

There are a variety of cartoon optional

Solid adsorption; vertically afford; no adhesive; washable; resistant to temperature!


This product is aviation-type high polymer elastic material production, high temperature, deformation, and can be used in sub-zero temperatures, with natural fragrance, non-toxic, have amazing adsorption.
It can be affixed to the car any plane position, can stick and protect mobile phone, CD boxes, glasses, cigarette case, business cards, paper and other moving objects, and are not causing any harm veneer.
This product is environmentally friendly materials, contact with the soil will naturally decompose, will not cause pollution.
When the scratch-pad dust sticky weakened due to stoop, simply washing with water, the viscosity can be restored after dry.

Do not use this product for children to play, eat bite.

SKU: 901951-MH0003