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Car | handles | protective film | protective film

Car | handles | protective film | protective film
  • Car | handles | protective film | protective film
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4Pcs Car Auto Clear Door Handle Scratch Protector Guard


Use this auto door handle protector to enhance your vehicle's appearance by protecting its paint from chip, scratches, etc.

Clear plastic door handle scratch guard offers tough; durable; transparent surface while keeping the handle clean and unscratched

It is invisible unless you are looking for it

This car door handle Protector is an easy way to hide the appearance of existing scratches and prevent further scratching

Simple installation, it takes several minutes and will prevent scratching for the lifetime of your vehicle

Easy to remove without damaging vehicle's surface or leaving residue behind

Sheet Size: 99 x 95 mm (each)

Package Included:

4 x Auto Door Handle Protector Sheets

Description: scuff scratch; anti-fouling corrosion; prevent radiation; enhance appearance; super toughness; scratch-resistant; experimental comparison; perfect ho care; bright transparent; simple construction

Note: be sure to use the time in the door handle of the spray with water; this is to prevent crooked stick; spray water can timely correction!

Product Description:
This product is carefully protected car door handle bowl recess without paint fingernails flower. The paint without damage. This product is transparent, posted up without a trace. This product is a transparent high strength polymer materials with high strength and wear resistance The characteristics after a good long stick to pull the nails do not hurt the paint bowl at the door. The price of a four-piece, posted four door, suitable for riders DIY fun job. also pay for car beauty shop job .

1. Wipe the handle concave (for already scratched; leaders need protection; please use before using sand wax to deal with a little concave; it would be better).
2. Uncover the product end of paper, with a sprayer equipped with water and uniformly sprayed a small amount of fog in the rubber surface and a concave handle.
3. Let the glue surface close to the concave, sliding up and down, adjust the position of the right.
The two thumb pressed against the intermediate surface, as 'a' word gradually advance towards both sides, squeeze water.
5. The middle finger is pressed against the flat surface pushed up; gradually squeeze the water; in case of tilt or folds; heating with hot air (low-speed), at the same time can heal.

Note: Do not stick well after 2-3 days of rain and car washes

Paper size: 99 * 95 mm (each)

Package Included:

4 * car door handle protection film