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105DB infrared alarm

105DB infrared alarm
  • 105DB infrared alarm
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Home Motion Sensor 105dB Alarm with 2 Remote Control

Product Features:
105dB security alarm siren with IR motion detector and dual arm / disarm remote with key chains
Effective 5 meters activation range with 110 ° induction angle
Keeps you aware of intruders and visitors around your house
Enters arming mode one second after switched on
Alarm siren sounds for 30 seconds when triggered
105dB alarm sound will scare off unwanted visitors and alert you to their presence
With two portable remote key chains for turning on / off the alarm from up to 20 meters
Ideal protection for your houses, porches, garages, shops, business premises, etc.
Easy to install, just install the mounting base on the wall and then plug the alarm on the base
Motion activated, lower consumption than a permanently switched on alarm
Sensor alarm unit powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) or any DV 6V power input
Remote controller powered by 3 AG13 batteries (not included)

Product Specifications:
Material: plastic
Color: white
Volume: 105dB
Induction angle: 110 °
Activation range: 5 meters
Remote working range: 20 meters
Arming time: 1 second after switched on
Unite dimension: 123 x 90 45mm

Package Contents:
1 x 105dB Security Alarm Siren with IR Motion Detector
2 x Arm / Disarm Remote with Keychain
1 x Mounting Base

How to use:

The remote infrared alarm is set in an infrared detector and alarm, alarm system and wireless remote control and power. When the infrared detector once detected human motion illegal intrusion, immediately start the high decibel whistle a site 30 seconds alarm sound, played a strong deterrent . The alarm adopts special infrared sensing processing chip, PIR dual pyroelectric infrared sensor, a Finel lens and advanced digital remote sensing technology, micro power consumption special integrated circuit and automatic temperature compensation technology, the integration of advanced design technology, microprocessor decoding control etc. . Infrared thermal radiation through the detection of human and start the probe site sound alarm in time, prevent theft. Is an ideal anti-theft devices of all kinds of vehicles, families, shopping malls, office, courtyards and shops along the street and other places. Is essential to modern family, store anti-theft products, enterprises and institutions.

Technical parameters:

Alarm sound: 105dB (DB)

Remote control distance of 5 meters: about 2 meters

Detection range: 3-5 meters distance, angle of 110 degrees

Working voltage: DC 6V (. V 4 No. 5 batteries)

Appearance size: 120 x 70 x 45mm

Weight: 0.26KG

Method of use:

Open the battery cover after the host, the positive and negative pole in the battery (4 5), the host power supply exhibit of lanterns lit, show that the normal;

Press the remote control; alarm will sound tick sound; while the host right light is on; 20 seconds off; then the host into the normal working state;

When a person enters the detection range, the lights flash for about 5 seconds, the host can send out alarm sound.

Alarm time is about 30 seconds, to stop such as more people into the detection zone, it will alarm, if the alarm time with remote control operation, it will need to use the remote host to enter the working state. (Press about remote control is provided, and then click is disarming).

Matters needing attention:

1 probe should avoid direct to the outdoor, lest people move caused false positives;

2 probe corresponding away from the cold and heat sources, such as air-conditioning outlet, the heating, air conditioning, furnace etc .;

3 installation should avoid sunshine, lamplight point-blank probe vehicle;

4 regular checks to electronic dog is working properly, avoid omission;

5 boot light dark, alarm sound becomes small, electronic dog the false alarm rate is high, please replace the battery.

Ann Wings dual remote electronic dog description and user manual

product description:

This remote infrared alarm is set infrared detectors and alarms in one, with a wireless remote control and power supply component alarm system. When the infrared detector once detected illegal invasion of human movement, start immediately issued high-decibel siren alarm 30 seconds of the scene sound, play a powerful deterrent. The alarm uses a special infrared sensor processing chip, PIR dual pyroelectric infrared sensor, Fresnel lens and advanced digital remote sensing technology, micro-power ASIC and automatic temperature compensation technology with microprocessor control, decoding the integration of advanced design techniques. By detecting human radiation of infrared heat and start the probe site sound alarm, time to stop theft. is a variety of vehicles, homes, shopping malls, offices, courtyards and street stores and other anti-theft facilities ideal place. Is the modern family, shops, enterprises and institutions of the necessary anti-theft products.

Technical Parameters:

Alarm sound level: 105dB (decibels)

Remote control distance: about 2 meters -5 meters

Detection range: 3-5 meters distance, angle of 110 degrees

Operating voltage: DC 6V (four AA batteries)

Overall volume: 120 * 70 * 45mm

Weight: 0.26KG


1. Open the computer after the battery cover, for good positive and negative battery (4 5), the host where power lights up, indicating normal energized;

2. Press the remote control; alarm will 'tick' to ring out; and the right of the green lights above the host; the lamp is off about 20 seconds; when the host enters normal working condition;

3. When someone enters its detection range, the left light flashes for about about five seconds, the panel will sound an alarm.

4. Host alarm time for about 30 seconds, then stopped as someone enters the detection zone, it will still alarm, if the remote control when the alarm is disarmed, NA me will need to re-arming with a remote host to enter the work state. ( Click the remote boot is armed, press the disarm).


1. The probe should avoid straight to the outside, so as not to walk around idlers lead over false positives;

2. The probe corresponds away from heat source; for example, air-conditioning outlet; heating; air conditioners; stove, etc;

3. The installation should avoid the sun, car lights direct the probe;

4. Regularly check whether electronic dog is working properly, to avoid false negatives;

5. Power indicator dark, alarm sound becomes smaller, the electronic dog false alarm rate, please replace the battery.