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Car stereo
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Product code: 18065400001
Unit price: 700 CNY  (101.75 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 254KG
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Ve audio loudspeaker cone
a.the speaker Ketone body
we use the finnish Conifer fibers for the main raw materials. And the speaker Ketone body makes with these special

Materials, it has light quality, low width, strong rigid, large damp, high elastic membrane, ect. These materials makes our

loudspeaker Pronunciation to be clearer and warmer.
b. The speaker side hands
It uses the IIP rubber material of Taiwan Qiyu, it has good Toughness, high damp, strong returns elasticity.
Ve audio loudspeaker Voice coil
It Uses the KAPION framework of the US Du Pont Company; Ve audio speaker Voice coil makes with Aluminum line; it has

quickly responds, light quality, good transmit and vibration.
Ve audio loudspeaker elasticity
It uses the CONEX of the US Du Pont Company; it has strong returns elasticity; quickly responds; not easy distort; and long

time to work.
Ve audio loudspeaker tweeter diaphragm
It uses Japan silk fibers for the vibration and spencial glue water, it has large frequence, good sound.

Zweig 6.5 Inch RX65-2013 High-quality coaxial car speakers series

Price is a full- 2 Speakers

Maximum power: 200W

rated power: 60W

Frequency response: 47 - 23KHZ

Sensitivity: 90Db , 1W / 1M


Mounting depth 60mm Installation diameter 143mm

`First, the American Whig speaker shocking description:
a international speaker operators
b professional quality speaker production base
c European style design, international quality
d build Ve audio (Zweig) quality brand, to achieve a win-win strategic objectives

In the field of Car audio, Ve audio (Zweig) Speaker has been in use world's three major auto makers (Ford Ford Motor; GM General Motors; Daimler Chrysler Daimler Chryslor) jointly developed internationally recognized high quality car audio (QS-9000) industry standards, provide for the long-term well-known brand in Europe and America more than full range of high quality OEM business (including: product development; product design; product packaging design series of full service).
In order to ensure the quality of our products and the world simultaneously, Ve audio (Zweig) Speaker Meta parts supply and world famous horn products, is internationally renowned element parts suppliers to work together for international procurement (including: DuPont; Germany sounder ; Perot Yun Taiwan; Taiwan's China Steel and a series of well-known international companies) in 2005; We are more than ten years in European and American brands production experience; launched the world's independent brand property and world patents Ve audio (Zweig) , JOURNEY (shocking) two series of products to meet the urgent needs of customers. Ve audio (Zweig) Speaker of each product in the factory before all experience 'tempered' a series of monitoring and precision instruments and equipment in the production process Regulation, as a cast iron and steel 'Examiner', strict monitoring of product consistency, safety, precision, durability and chemical resistance. our persistent pursuit of high quality, lean production, has won the world market and the acclaim of peers, its high quality is thereby living in the world.

`II; the quality assurance; witness the future strength of American Ve audio (Zweig) Speaker punch series is a number of senior engineers from the United States after years of research and development, using a number of VA America's most advanced technology on the market in order to meet the majority of users needs and design of speaker products are most suitable for the Chinese market at present, the highest price, the most competitive American style new generation of high-quality speaker products, which combines many advantages in one. American Ve audio (Zweig) Speaker products Five characteristics:
1; high efficiency - it uses a ground-breaking efficiency technology; no external power amplifier direct host promote; has superior sound performance (especially speaker package);
2; bass frequencies particularly outstanding performance - it also adopted a special material and special design; luggage without additional subwoofer; the car has been very good bass;
3; computer finishing tool pattern design - which uses computer tools, fine lines and small-caliber speakers large vents new design; Speaker power can rapidly increase; and even more effective long horn power deduction;
4; Cost-effective - international superior quality; most competitive price (factory direct supplier, shorten multiple circulation);
5, easy to install - around the original car horn sound field directly into Ve audio (Zweig) products will be able to get a better effect HI-FI (Note: Be sure to use a wooden frame for the horn gasket mounting pad), just 1.5 hours You will be able to retrofit a good quality car audio.
American Ve audio (Zweig) speaker Product With this unique advantage; it obviously reflected the true extent of car audio quality; there is no subwoofer and full-range speakers superimposed phase distortion (Note: General external subwoofer; We must deal with the front and rear full-range speaker sound field phase of convergence problem; it is closely related to the placement of each speaker; no professional aid instrument is difficult to achieve optimum adjustment effect) which is most suitable for the needs of the majority of the owners, either. prolonged listening deduction for strong low weight class large dynamic DISCO music, also suitable for lyrical folk songs, pop music and the like symphony rapid change.

`Third, the outstanding American Ve audio (Zweig) Speaker Material Features Description: • Ve audio (Zweig) speaker cone
a, cone ketones
Is using the world's most famous Finnish high tenacity fiber and glass fiber pulp, wool, PE and other materials have been specially formulated combination, it has a light weight, low density, rigid, higher elastic modulus properties, to create a rich, mellow, layered sound qualities to lay the foundation. (using high tenacity fiber pulp Finnish brands such as: Germany Rainbow RAINBOW, Germany DEGO, United States JBL, United States to Fu, France fresh wave FOCAL and the like.)
b, pots surround sound
Is the use of high resilient BX rubber material, which has a high degree of flexibility, toughness, resilience and strong advantages, the parameters of performance are non-ordinary rubber edges can be compared (using BX rubber edge materials brands such as: the United States to Fu FNX series, America Diamond DIAMOND, German secret force, Firebird Italy, Germany Rainbow RAINBOW etc.)
• Ve audio (Zweig) speaker voice coil - Speaker of the heart
It is the use of DuPont KAPTON skeleton, which together with the light weight, high heat of copper clad aluminum wire wound made with a fast response, light weight, good transmission of vibration characteristics, this voice coil enables transmission of high-efficiency speaker High analytical restore.
• Ve audio (Zweig) Speaker bomb wave
DuPont is the use of elastic wave CONEX, it has resilience and strong, quick response, easy deformation characteristics, it is an important device used in high-end speaker products, and general horn products are used fiber cloth or fiber Bucharest CONEX mixed blended fibers into elastic waves (high-grade brand-name products are DuPont CONEX elastic waves.)
• Ve audio (Zweig) horn tweeter diaphragm
Is the use of only 0.02 mm titanium diaphragm space center vibrating plate, outer silk fibers with high tenacity bonded composite diaphragm design. It has the toughness of rigid metal and also fibers, it is called 'Rigid both' (using the tweeter diaphragm brands such as: the United States to Fu Version 2004, America Diamond DIAMOND, US PPI, etc.).

`Fourth, American Ve audio (Zweig) Speaker products with high quality results, is your choice
American Ve audio (Zweig) Speaker products that do the most market competitive products: It is necessary to cater to the high quality, but also lower prices; both lossless car, but also sound; both lossless trunk space, but also to the bass Band outstanding performance demanding users.
A complete set of original car audio need to install a 10'-12 'subwoofer to cloth signal lines, power lines, plus amplifier, install more trouble, but now only four speakers directly replace the original car American Ve audio (Zweig) Speaker Products (can be used before Kit + after suit; before Kit + after Coaxial; Coaxial front + rear coaxial). no longer worried about damage to the battery plus amp; fuel increasing; newspaper lines and other dangerous problem (which is of great concern to many of the new owners.) Meanwhile car can save backup space, but also reduce the damage to the car due to reduced plus four-channel full-range amplifier, subwoofer, so the cost is greatly reduced.