Car outlet racks / Drink Holder / cup holder | Random Color

Car outlet racks / Drink Holder / cup holder | Random Color

Product description:

Condition: Brand new

Size: 17.5cm X 12.2cm X 10cm

Weight: 0.09 Kg

Material: ABS

Colour: Random color

SKU: HQS-Y27664

Notice:. Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting All pictures are real stock photos.

Condition: New

Dimensions: 17.5 cm X 12.2 X 10 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.09 kg

Material: ABS

Color: color random

SKU: HQS-Y27664

Note: Due to different monitor settings may result in color, but all the pictures are from in-kind shooting, please rest assured purchase.
(Color): Black / Red / Blue / Silver shipped randomly

(Features) :

May be placed on the car dashboard; a drain cups or drink; beverage car in motion the process will not be road bumps and fell overflow
Beverage bottle

1, is usually fixed to the back of the chair can be placed drinks, snacks and other items.

2, the two sides can hang plastic bags for garbage.

3. Place small objects picked up the mobile phone, coins, pens, will not fall.

(Instruction manual) :

1; the rear cup holder into the outlet via two rods fixed to the inside of the links on the outlet; the lower part of the cup holder with a small tongue
It can be used to withstand the outlet division, so three-point stance for cup holder formed.
2, the cup holder for placing various soft drinks and canned beverages.