ALB-520 Single side labeling machine

ALB-520 Single side labeling machine

Product description:


1.This machine is applicable to square bottles or flat bottles in single side mark.

2.Chinese and English operating system in touch screen, operation is simple and easy to learn.

3.The feeding label structure can be adjusted at 8-D, it suitable for different cone bottles.

4.The shape structure is designed specially, so the labeled product is able to be located and

located precisely.

5.Bottle pressed structure used double upright tube to support, chain is drove by double screw,

so it is very simply to adjust.

6.The label is pressed by a flap after applying on bottle and pressed by the passive sponge rollers,

it makes labels no air bladder and no wrinkle.

7.It can install the round bottle labeling structure,add the auxiliary body to realize label three side

or four side mask, make the labeler more useful.


Type Type
Speed 1-45m/min
Label width 10- 190mm
Label inner diameter φ76.2mm
Label outer diameterMAXφ330mm
Chains plate width86.2mm
Height of ground900mm±30mm
Power 220V/50Hz 2.3KW