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Tableware portable boxed semi-flower round chopsticks, spoon suit

Tableware portable boxed semi-flower round chopsticks, spoon suit
  • Tableware portable boxed semi-flower round chopsticks, spoon suit
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New Stainless Steel Flower Chopsticks & Spoon Set


Eat with style with Carving Korean Chopsticks Set. Some food is meant to be eaten with chopsticks, so make the experience authentic with this great set. It is a perfect gift for all sushi and Chinese food lovers. Storing it in gift case is portable for you to travel with outstanding appearance makes the spoon chopsticks set also a good present for your friends and relative.


Chopsticks Set are very fashionable for you to eat with

It is an ideal tableware for entertaining and quiet night at home

Bring a touch of the east to your dining table with these elegant chopsticks

A must have tableware for you to eat Chinese food & East Asia food

Portable tableware for you to take with when you are on your travel

Durable quality makes sure a long time use of these chopsticks

Condition: Brand new

Size: 20.5cm X 5.5cm X 2.5cm

Weight: 0.08 Kg

Material: Stainless steel

Colour: as picture

SKU: 901959-A26-11-03

Notice: Color of pictures may vary by different monitor setting. All pictures are real stock photos.

Chopsticks & Spoon Material: Stainless Steel

Box Material: Plastic

How to Use Chopsticks:

Hold one chopstick between your thumb and middle finger. Position the chopstick so that it lies at the base of your thumb (on the joint) and at the lower joint of the middle finger. This chopstick should not touch the forefinger.

. Place the other chopstick between your thumb and forefinger The side of the chopstick should rest against the tip of your thumb; the top of the chopstick should rest against the pad of your forefinger.

Be sure the tips of the chopsticks are parallel.

Keep the first chopstick stationary as you practice moving the second chopstick toward the stationary one.

Use this technique to position the chopsticks around a piece of food.

Hold the food firmly as you lift it toward your mouth.

How to Train Kids to Use Chopsticks:

Place the chopsticks alongside each other so they line up with the tops and bottoms matching. Hold the chopsticks together with the rubber band. The Lunch in a Box website explains that you should do this by wrapping the rubber band around the upper end of the chopsticks approximately one inch from the top. Wrap the rubber band around the chopsticks until the connection is quite tight.

Fold the piece of paper into a small rectangle. It should be approximately 1 inch by 1/2 inch. Place the folded paper between the chopsticks. Wedge it up between them until it is as close to the rubber band as you can get it. Keep the chopsticks evenly together. You now have a set of learning chopsticks.

Give the chopsticks to your child to use. They should be used with one hand and are handled like tongs to pick up the food. Allow the child to pick up food using the learning chopsticks like tweezers. The Lunch in a Box website advocates permitting the child to grab food this way, at least at first. It is not the traditional way that chopsticks are held but your child will become comfortable and familiar with the concept of using them by learning in stages. Let your child use the learning chopsticks like tweezers for as many meals as necessary, until he feels comfortable with them.

Teach the child how to hold the learning chopsticks as if they were regular chopsticks. According to advice given on the the Kids Web Japan website about holding chopsticks, to do this you have the child hold the upper chopstick exactly as if he were holding a pencil and then you set the lower chopstick against the child's ring finger and have him hold it steady with his thumb. The lower chopstick remains stationary while the upper one is moved up and down against the lower one. Food is picked up in this way. Your child may need to use the chopsticks this way for several meals.

Show the child how to eat while holding the learning chopsticks in the traditional manner. Let him practice until he feels comfortable with the procedure and it is going well. It will probably take time, but perseverance is key. Once your child can manage to eat while holding the chopsticks in the traditional way it is time to make the transition to regular chopsticks. Your child will have a skill that will last a lifetime, making it all worthwhile.

Package Included:

1 x Spoon

1 x Pair of Chopsticks

Spoon and chopsticks: 19cm long stainless steel high-temperature decal process Shaonei carved hollow round chopsticks feel comfortable, easy to use...!

Box: 20.5cm * 5.5cm * 2.5cm quality ABS plastic material, unbreakable, non-toxic and tasteless.!

Portable tableware hygiene, easy to carry, can be used on the go, students, office workers can also be used to bring to the cafeteria, which with fixed spoon chopsticks bit. More convenient to carry.

Condition: New

Dimensions: 20.5 cm X 5.5 X 2.5 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.08 kg

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: As pictures

SKU: 901959-A26-11-03

Note: Due to different monitor settings may result in color, but all the pictures are from in-kind shooting, please rest assured purchase.