ALB-320 Round bottle labeling machine(Fixed point type)

ALB-320 Round bottle labeling machine(Fixed point type)

Product description:


1.This machine is applied to label round bottles for cosmetics, drinks, liquor, food, medicine ,etc. 2. The control system includes SIEMENS PLC, serve motor and touch Screen.

3.Three rollers pressed to label is perfect, without air bladder, no become warped edge, no wrinkle.

4.The labeler can be adjusted at Multi-dimensions,when change other size bottle can adjust quickly.

have a positioning electric eyes is high precise.

5.It can be choose to label one piece or two pieces.

6.Intelligent control, auto-tracking, it doesn't work without product , auto-correct & auto-detect if

it's no label to prevent missing label and avoid wasting labels. 7.The machine can customize production line, only a machine be used, you can choose the 】, automatic feeding system.


Type ALB-320
Speed 1-30m/min
Label width 10- 190mm
Label inner diameterφ76.2mm
Label outer diameterMAXφ330mm
Power 220V/50Hz 1.0KW
Size L 2000*W800*L1450(mm)