Beijing Kang termite bait insecticide mirex clear off drug eradication Exterminate ants home red and black ants drugs

Beijing Kang termite bait insecticide mirex clear off drug eradication Exterminate ants home red and black ants drugs

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Net weight: 50 g / box
  • Brand: Jing Kang
  • Model: 6091
  • Physical form: powder
  • Suitable for: Other

Manager recommended purchase packages ,plus 0.1Yuan can get three kinds of brand products and a termite cleaning cream !!Termite step to get clean.

Dear!The family had ants do not worry!Do not Tube red ants, yellow ants, black ants, regardless of size,as long as Food without wings, do not sting people, but also eat your home , You can use Jing Kang termite bait.

I practice the company plus countless friends, the drug of Wingless Even ants nest KILLING is no doubt that you have no need to try the idea, it is your home of ants Terminator Small to solve big medicine 'trouble'. Be sure to please parents who read this entire page introduction ah, following the introduction of termite in your home is very important Oh!

Owner strongly recommend, very good. Authentic guarantee adequate supply, not limited . Shop for Lynx mall, manufacturers sell products, please rest assured purchase, happy termite! Easy termite !!

'Jing Kang' termite bait (granules), ants activities directly sown in place, place, easy to use!

The drug suitable for factories, family houses, ships, garden, fruit in the forest ant! For home and public places ants destroy!

Baby features

First, environmental protection. This product is developed for the manufacture physiological characteristics of ants, granular, slightly scented (due to added sesame oil), no other irritating odor, non-volatile, families with Andy and pets can be assured Oh.

Second, the nest off outside the nest together to lure ants foraging, worker ants to nest within medicine Kang Hui, the nest after the other ants and ant feeding, ant poison, biting each other, then the collective demise.

Third, to adapt to a wide range of objects As long as the family is eating something ants can kill.

Occasionally commented termite ineffective, I summed up: First, the amount of drug use is not enough (buy less, of course, it is not enough spread, calculated that only a few dollars, forget how ants suck it?This low-cost disinfection products should be in line with the principle of multi-drug rather do lack and once off the light only happy ah ), Followed by the bottom of this page did not look carefully the instructions for use, but there is no problem in a timely manner to communicate with me, honking gas was evaluated. Very helpless, so Hope pro must carefully read all product description to make another too late, this is very important ah!

Recommended dosage

area Recommended dosage
50m2the following 6-20 bag / time, 20 pack / year
50m2-100m2 20-30 packet / time, 30 pack / year
100m2-200m2 20-40 packet / time, 40 pack / year
Note: The above is the amount of use under normal circumstances, the actual please discretion as greater density should also increase the amount of drug trafficking Specific Want to consultation...

Eliminate ants view to a successful, evils, therefore, not have ants went out there to see where (some ants small, difficult to find), the overall spraying should prevent the ants went to another room.


1, before spreading drugs, the house appeared ant clean up the room, put away garbage in a timely manner, in addition to ants medicine, it is best not to leave the other ants like to eat food, such as food, meat bones, sugar, honey, fruit juice etc. ants prefer things.

2, the first observation of good ants usual routes, clean up after, this drug spread on (staring at a few ants, observed a few minutes, you know the route it) on ant walking routes have been to the place or ant hole . to 'point spread', a pack of medicine into 5-6 small pile, (looks pinch pinch, and to good effect, it is necessary sprinkle summarized to ensure coverage of all ants, ants spread more room, not They found little room ants spread points on the line). ants home is generally along the wall, door edge away.A friend said house ants in the cupboard, cabinets, computer tables, bed, sofa fine, is not necessary medicine sprinkled on top?You think ants are generally from the ground climb down the table legs and other furniture, you can just look staring at a few ants, a few minutes to find the law, and then sprinkle the medicine in the furniture must pass through the bottom of the ants the way on the line. to destroy good ants, we must have a little patience ah.

Remember that medicine is a one foot spread, but not a day, sprinkle a little ah.