LED light-emitting leash pet collar, dog collar bear beer beer | XL code | color random

LED light-emitting leash pet collar, dog collar bear beer beer | XL code | color random

Product description:

Condition: Brand new

Size: 60cm X 2.5cm X 1cm

Weight: 0.08 Kg

Material: Nylon + super bright optical flat optical fiber

Colour: Random color

SKU: 901959-A25-07-03

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Nylon ribbon, patterned ribbon (beer beer bear pattern) super-bright light guide flat fiber (new material)
: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue / Colorful LED length 25CM....
: Long bright flash slow flash (through open stickers
: Light-emitting surface patterns can be designed off control)
: One into an OPP bag, each have a code number stickers and color
2PCS CR2032 button battery-powered
60-80 hours, normal 2-3 months; battery can be replaceable, convenience stores or supermarkets are sold through CE, ROHS, EN471 waterproof, cleaning removable electronic part of the product is suitable for dark environment or walk the dog at night. , outdoor and pet movement, through the ultra-bright fiber optic light, from a warning, while the expression of personality, fashion the product design fashion, day or night, when you open and close the light-emitting function are suitable for pet use

Please a good amount of your dog's neck circumference size comparison table below, purchase an appropriate collar bar Heart

Product Specifications:

S code width 2.5cm longest shortest 35cm 43cm 8cm telescopic range

M code width 2.5cm longest shortest 40cm 48cm 8cm telescopic range

L code width 2.5cm longest shortest 45cm 8cm 52cm telescopic range

XL code width 2.5cm longest shortest 52cm 8cm 60cm telescopic range

Condition: New

Dimensions: 60 cm X 2.5 X 1 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.08 kg

Material: Nylon + super bright light guide flat fiber

Color: color random

SKU: 901959-A25-07-03

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