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Marvelous mystery electronic jellyfish Aquarium

Marvelous mystery electronic jellyfish Aquarium
  • Marvelous mystery electronic jellyfish Aquarium
Product code: 18037800001
Unit price: 187 CNY  (27.18 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 150KG
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It has 6 Mood Lamp LED to make the Aquarium or JellyFish Tank more dramatic. There are three Jellyfishes in the tank, and they can swim beautifully, dancing as they are the real jellyfish, with the artificial jellyfish tank or this jellyfish aquarium. Hmm, simply a really cute jelly fish artificial is suitable as jellyfish toys for kids or even for adults like you to reduce some stress! You could spice up your desk by adding this Jellyfish Aquarium Simply

This is simply great unique ideas for gifts, you can make your friends, relatives, families, and co worker happy with your gift. It's also unique, Fish Tank is usual. And Jellyfish Tank is UNusual! Because giving the real jellyfish is in fish tank is impossible, just give them the electronic Jellyfish.

Backlight: 6 Color can be manually adjusted

Power Supply: AC transformer

Material: Plastic + electronic components

Size: 25CM * 12CM * 20CM

SKU: 901959-B06-08-01

Package Included:

1 x LED Jellyfish Aquarium

Summer, therapy toys

Product introduction:

-The graceful mysteries of jellyfish is really not easy to raise, you can now easily have
-Simulates deep sea jellyfish in a flowing move, usually under five-color LED light effects, mystery multiplier.
-Deep slow mode the blue tone changes, the jellyfish also have different ways of moving people into the deep sea of Dark Tranquillity
-Can cut like a black background on the back of the background to Exchange, to create an exclusive atmosphere.
-That's all right; Darkened the surrounding area as possible; Jellyfish are the night more beautiful ~ ~
-If there are any AC outlet on an empty can make you feel is wrong, then this LED jellyfish close to your heart.

After you start this little machine, LED three Musketeers the jellyfish start cruising around, absolutely professional, never in a daze, even when no attention, it also insists that he play for two hours and then turn off. Of course, it also has a power switch, is also regulated by the luminous style, you can customize the LED jellyfish activity as ' deep ' or ' normal ' mode, which makes them look more intense more color or blue background looks deeper, to comfort the soul.

Backlighting: 6 color can be adjusted manually
Power supply: AC transformer
Weight: 1.15kg
Material: ABS

Specifications: 25CM*12CM*20CM

SKU: 901959-B06-08-01

Creative toys-electronic jellyfish Aquarium