Pet brush, pet comb, PETZOOM / single loaded

Pet brush, pet comb, PETZOOM / single loaded

Product description:

Pet Zoom brush is the self-cleaning, one-touch way to groom your pet. Easily remove unwanted hair, dander, dirt and debris from your dog or cat's fur – push button to release from brush! Soft, ultra-comfort bristles adjust for long or short coats. Use for wet or dry grooming.

With just one pass you collect all of your pets loose hair, dirt and dander right into the PetZoom. So easy to use, when you're done brushing, get rid of all that unwanted pet hair from your PetZoom with just one touch. No more digging through the brush to get all the hair out! Grooming your pet has never been easier. Soft bristles are perfect for any pet hair type; long, short or curly.
SKU: TV143