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Cotton Men's 16-inch new men's collar linen shirt | long-sleeved solid color casual cotton linen white shirt |

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Product parameters:

  • Year of release Season: Spring, 2016
  • Thickness: Conventional
  • Material Composition: Flax 55% Cotton 45%
  • Sleeve: long sleeves
  • Item No .: 272804028
  • Sales Channel Type: pure electricity providers (only online sales)
  • Edition type: standard
  • Collar: Collar
  • Color: Lime yellow French red lake water blue original Ma bleached dark blue Swiss green tea green
  • Size: Male M Male L Male XL Male XXL Male XXXL
  • Brand: Mr. Cotton
  • Material: Cotton
  • Cotton content: 30% (including) -49% (including)
  • Time to market: 2015
  • Applicable scene: Other leisure
  • Applicable season: spring
  • Suitable for: youth
  • Basic style: youth pop
  • Subdivision style: Japanese retro
  • pattern: plain

In a variety of Korean, Europe and the United States when the big wind show, the old cotton is more willing to go back to the road of design.

Improved version of Chinese-style shirts, inward to draw the essence of Chinese culture, which is perhaps even the founding of the clothing of the people.

Standing collar half open placket improved Chinese character

Spirit Small collar And the chest half-open placket design complement each other, together constitute the overall Chinese style.

Inherited the traditional basis, while retaining the modern styling elements, glow with improved retro light after the charm.

Sword lapel tail , Length has also been carefully calculated, set six live button deduction of a dead button, suitable to wear off the best design.

Straight pendulum to do short, long before the long, with the cotton hemp itself, the simple impression, a little restrained Oriental Zen can not be said.

Cotton and linen interwoven fabric products with different blends

The same component content under the premise of the performance and appearance of intertwined fabrics are higher than the blending of a few bit,

By a single component of the yarn weft intertwined, rather than the yarn itself is composed of a variety of ingredients,

This pair Yarn quality requirements higher , Can be in the blending in the filling of cotton and linen can not be interwoven raw materials.

From 21 to the whole cotton yarn and 14 to the weft linen yarn intertwined, 45% cotton and 55% of the flax ratio,

To a large extent retain their own characteristics, to rough soft, low-carbon environmental protection, the soft and comfortable cotton,

Flaxen crisp and honest into one, moisture perspiration 'Natural air conditioning 'Features can also be dripping play.

Clothing washed, feel more soft and smooth, focus on shirt category Senior old factory Order a single, quality no doubt.

Water pulp printing and dyeing process can not afford to wash the quality

The use of special slurry within the printing and dyeing process, the use of water-based paste by printing on the screen for technical processing,

So that a pattern of local pulp can be penetrated into the fabric, thus completing the pattern printing.Compared with other printing and dyeing,

The process is more complicated and complicated, after only two or three procedures can be formed, clarity and fastness fast, long wash can not afford,

The soft texture, skin-friendly skin is not comparable to other processes, wearing no foreign body sensation, to ensure good ventilation fabric.

Inside high DUAN ready-to-wear Special bag seam Technology, double hit the color line to mention bright, delicate and full of details Aspect.

size bust Clothing length Shoulder width Sleeve Length
M 102 70 43.5 63
L 106 72 45.5 63.5
XL 110 74 47.5 64
XXL 114 76 49.5 64.5
XXXL 118 78 51.5 65

Try the model Height (cm) Weight (kg) Body type Shoulder / Bust / Waist Try on size Try to feel The final election code

(Section) 170 55 Thin 40/82/73 M fit M

(sea) 170 70 normal 43/89/75 M fit M

(Wei) 175 72 normal 44/92/92 L fit L

(Hui) 177 69 Partial fat 45/103/96 L fit L

(峯) 175 75 normal 44/96/86 L fit L

(Yan) 180 85 normal 45/96/90 XXL fit XXL

(military) 180 72.5 Partial fat 46/97/91 XL fit XL

(east) 175 90 fat 46/109/101 XXL fit XXXL

(Strong) 180 105 fat 51/114/111 XXXL fit XXXL

'Size Recommendation Table'

Especially for the size of households and difficult to prepare, taking into account the great differences in dressing habits of each person,
The same size because of dress preferences and choose not the same need to combine their own subjective habits and clothes to do double reference to the objective size.