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Car wash towels / Nano towels | Color Random

Car wash towels / Nano towels | Color Random
  • Car wash towels / Nano towels | Color Random
Product code: 18016100001
Unit price: 2 CNY  (0.29 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 2KG
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SIZE 23*23 CM

Section of clean towels ecological microfiber as raw material Seiko woven, super absorbent, is 6-10 times that of ordinary towels. Can erase adsorption appliances impurities from the surface, not to hurt the surface of objects with electrostatic dust; lint-free, durable. Is wipe the car can also be used for high-grade furniture, appliances, windows and doors, cutlery, glass floors, ceramic tile, computer screens, cameras, optical instruments, glasses and other household items cleaning cleaning and maintenance products!
Product Features:
Ultra-fine soft single yarn fineness only ordinary fiber 1/20 soft and comfortable, never scratch rub was very broad scope.
Super absorbent: two-tier structure, the adsorption force is stronger, the amount of water absorption is 7 times that of ordinary fiber, absorbent cotton towel is 6 times the speed, durability is 3-4 times that of ordinary towels.
Ultra-clean decontamination: use this product to clean the items, surface without leaving lint, clean the oil, does not require any detergent, rapid decontamination, without leaving any traces.
Product made ​​of special fibers, especially delicate organization, Cleaning must not damage the car.
products with superior absorption capacity, water absorption capacity is 6-10 times that of ordinary towels.
the towel in the car wash, do not like General towel fall off the hair.
The towel is very popular in foreign countries, especially for the high-end car.
home textile (wipe without leaving scratches, no residue dust) .
lass cleaning materials.
high-end furniture cleaning materials.
the senior metal jewelry cleaning materials.
uxury car cleaning materials (cleaning without leaving scratches) .
TV, computer screen cleaning materials (to dust, anti-static) .
floor cleaning materials.
kitchen cleaning materials (rags) .
toilet cleaning materials.
super absorbent towel (warp and weft) after absorbing water, wash cloth.
high-grade absorbent cloth towel.
beauty cleaning materials, suck the pores of the residual dirt