Gifted musician quantitative cruet three-piece suit

Gifted musician quantitative cruet three-piece suit

Product description:

Condition: Brand new

Size: 23cm X 9cm X 16.8cm

Weight: 0.049 Kg

Material: PP + ABS

Colour: as picture

SKU: HQS-Y36318

Notice:. Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting All pictures are real stock photos.
Condition: New

Dimensions: 23 cm X 16.8 X 9 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.049 kg

Material: PP + ABS

Color: As pictures

SKU: HQS-Y36318

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Health Tips
World Health Organization recommendations: Best adult daily amount of cooking oil 25 grams, five grams of salt, can prevent obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular, diabetes, coronary heart disease, healthy life starting from the Oil and salinity control.


A. Oiler, polyester bottle, easy to clean, oil control design, high sealing performance.

1. Hold down the control oil oiler holes, you can stop the liquid flow.

2. Hold down the oil control holes, mention being expensive, it will be automatically returned to the jug liquid, easy to control the amount of adjustment.

Oiler Dimensions: Height 15CM, bottom diameter: 6.5CM

B. cruet, one-hand operation designed to quantitatively access, effectively control the intake of salt, MSG and other condiments.