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Drizzle 7 inch usb fan mini fan small fan large fan USB mini fan mute office

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Siyu
  • Model: SY08-150
  • Color Classification: Green extension cord + adapter + green + blue 【year replacement adapter - One Day Only] Blue + adapter + blue + 1.4M extension cord extension cord extension cord green green + 1.4M [one year replacement - One Day only] blue + adapter
  • material: plastic


Crazy freezing point price: Large 7-inch fan, two tranches of adjustment ultra-quiet!

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Fan +1.4 m long extension cable / adapter-specific, only 29.9yuan

Fan +1.4 m long extension cable + special adapter, only 34.9yuan

Please do not take our fans and brand-name USB do comparison, totally not a grade on!

Regardless of body size (our 7-inch fan), or fan material,

Motors, fan packaging, after-sales service. If you feel that received no

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