Authentic creative loving Cup 100% | Black | Red or stool

Authentic creative loving Cup 100% | Black | Red or stool

Product description:

Condition: Brand new

Size: 10.5cm X 9.5cm X 9.5cm

Weight: 0.2 Kg

Material: PP

Colour: Black

SKU: 901959-A15-01-04

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Environmentally friendly carton packaging

Love his smelly he? love she gave her heart? who says glass can't express love? strange message from this cute special Riddle Cup. Love her? smelly he? one gulp the answer is here! where is the secret? Secret Bingo! in the bottom of the Cup. Pour coke or other colored milk drinks, you can't see it you can't see it ~ ~
HA ~ all hide within it.
Unless ... Unless you drink it!
If you drink beverages Riddle Cup bottom revealing a mystery: tender water tinkling of a pink red peach heart ... Kya~~ o ()////() o shame! sweet love speak out.

But.. Once the drink light to see the bottom of the answer actually is. . A pile of really in colour sense of ' shit ' Oh ~ ~ breakfast yesterday wanted to spit out what you want to connect.

(Color) red/black white/black, red/white

Condition: brand new

Size: 10.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm

Weight: 0.2 kg

Material: PP

Color: black

SKU: 901959-A15-01-04

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