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Happy childhood dense cup | family four loaded

Happy childhood dense cup | family four loaded
  • Happy childhood dense cup | family four loaded
Product code: 17941000001
Unit price: 14 CNY  (2.04 USD)
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Other info: 14KG
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Condition: Brand new

Size: 5.5cm X 5.5cm X 11cm

Weight: 0.14 Kg

Material: PP

Colour: as picture

SKU: 901959-A06-26-06

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Classic sealed dome; airtight liquid tight; carry out drinks (except carbonated), tea, light and sanitation, on its side, focusing not leak.

For refrigerator interior preservation milk, soy milk, refreshing drinks, keeping drinks authentic, the effect is more ideal.

Business travel, to bring the usual favorite spices, no longer worry substandard food appetite; work and school, carrying fruit juice milk, ready to add nutrients to keep plenty of energy; go shopping, work and by taking a small snack, drink plenty of water can also use their own cups, clean and sanitary; as home furnishings, highlighting the good taste of the owner.

Sealing class: the first level (airtight liquid tight; when liquids; its side or upside down does not leak spill).

The applicability of good, solid, liquid food can be installed, and preservation of moisture, food does not taste, mini lovely cup is only half the size of cans, especially small and convenient. Dreamy colors, bright pink, cute.

Tip one: ginger, onion, garlic easy to germinate, the inconvenience to save, you can easily odor chopped them with a small cup full bloom, cover the lid, placed in the refrigerator, not afraid of dry, germination, and the refrigerator is not. then smell, and extend the preservation time, and the original color.

Two tips: Keep the sauce with a few times, honking sauce bottle on the dirty, unsanitary trouble opening bottles in the refrigerator is also easy to grow the bacteria used to store the sauce, not only convenient, but also will not odor. , long remain fresh good taste;

Tip three: when you go out light and portable; watertight; drink really convenient;

Tip four: When the baby to eat powdered drug, into them, add water, cover with lid, shake, no spoon stirring.

Capacity and size: 170 ml / 5.5 * high 11CM diameter

Material: Container PP (temperature 0-100 degrees); cover LDPE (temperature -30-80 degrees)

Condition: New

Size: 5.5 cm X 5.5 X 11 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.14 kg

Material: PP

Color: As pictures

SKU: 901959-A06-26-06

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