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Apple macbook notebook external USB3.0 card adapter cable | converter HUB hub

Apple macbook notebook external USB3.0 card adapter cable | converter HUB hub
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Topusenn
  • Model: Apple NIC + usb
  • Condition: New
  • Wireless: Wired
  • NIC socket: USB
  • Apple Computer USB2.0 original paragraph +2 m cable Apple Computer USB3.0 new +2 m cable Apple Computer USB2.0 original paragraph +5 m cable Apple Computer USB3.0 new +5 m cable other brands of computers please take This option is USB2.0
  • Transmission speed: 100Mbps
  • Applicable network type: Ethernet
  • After-sales service: Genius

Brand: Topusenn

Plug and play does not need to drive.Apple for Apple notebooks, other systems only need to download the corresponding driver can!

This section of the baby for the Apple notebook macbook dedicated card (of course, compatible with most of the current market PC or notebook computer), HUB is the USB standard interface, the use of Apple's network card with the chip, Apple computer mac win7 win8 WIN10 WIN10 systems are free Drive to use!

• Speed: USB2.0 / USB3.0 data transmission, the maximum rate of up to 56mbps,

This section is currently the latest Taobao products, support for Apple systems and WIN7, WIN8 WIN10 dual system without driver, the new USB interface is gold-plated! With 3 USB3.0 interface expansion, high-performance plug and play, constant temperature effect Good, fast output, allowing you to fully experience the fun of the rapid Internet access.
The following figure USB 2.0 + HUB network card The following is USB3.0 the following figure
'Fashion portable' stylish white appearance, simple design, compact size, more portable, home, travel essential artifact!
'Innovative portfolio' card + HUB portfolio to meet multiple applications, to address the needs of users without the card, while expanding the three usb interface!
'Powerful performance' Apple, windows Universal, 3.0HUB speed 5Gbps transmission, with power interface design, expansion easier!

'Fashion portable' fashion white square design, streamlined appearance, compact size, easy travel to carry, anytime, anywhere to enjoy happiness!

'Innovative Portfolio' combines USB Fast Ethernet and USB HUB in one, adapts to 10M / 100M Ethernet, compatible with many operating systems!

Cable adapter + USB hub combo Two functions, one price.

Apple's latest 11.6 and 13.3-inch MacBook Air is simply an incredible product, of course, you may already know it will be very light, very stylish, but its compact body contains powerful performance is not to be overlooked. Can further improve the running speed and the portability of the device, the new MacBook Air to improve the performance of the processor can be said that the new MacBook Air is currently Apple's most outstanding laptop.

But because the macbook air is too thin that did not design Ethernet interface (universal network cable interface) makes it only with wireless Internet access.This is a lot of business people in the hotel and many other places are not wireless for the Internet is very upset! Never mind the following USB Cable converter can be pro-solve this problem!

USB cable converter can be commonly used Ethernet interface into a USB interface, so the equivalent of macbook air will have our ordinary computer network cable interface you can on the wired network of the mall to sell USB network card plug and play without driver, pro We do not need any professional knowledge of the computer because you can plug in.

The new air notebook does not have a broadband interface, you want direct link broadband must pass this card!

Because each home network is not the same as individual circumstances, such as in the Apple system can not be connected to open the 'System Preferences' Double click on the 'Network' wizard click on it.

Description / FAQ USB - Ethernet Cable Instructions:

Step 1: Click the "System Preferences" icon in the Mac OSX Dock;

Step 2: Select the "Internet" function in the "Internet & Wireless" area.

Step 3: When the "Network" window is opened, click "+" under the left frame to add the network connection.

Step 4: Pop up a small window, select "USB Ethernet" in the "Interface" drop-down menu, leave "Service Name" as "USB Ethernet", then click "

Step 5: "USB Ethernet" has been added to the left frame, and marked with a yellow semaphore; click the selection window in the lower right corner of the "application" option;

Step 6: When the "USB Ethernet" signal circle turns from yellow to green, it indicates the setting is successful, you can exit "System Preferences"