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Mobile phone charger 2A dual USB | waterproof cover cigarette lighter socket | auto motorcycle 12V to 5V

Mobile phone charger 2A dual USB | waterproof cover cigarette lighter socket | auto motorcycle 12V to 5V
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: AP
  • Model: 602
  • Color Classification: Double USB Car Charging Plug Wire Cigarette Lighter Socket Feeding Wire 60CM Positive and Negative Motorcycle Fitting Mount Red Display Three-way Voltage Meter Fixing Panel Fixing Panel Screw and Terminal 12V Light Point Cigarette lighter + dual USB 12V cigarette lighter + non-cigarette lighter socket 12V cigarette lighter + voltmeter 12V cigarette lighter + 12V cigarette lighter Dual USB + non-cigarette lighter socket Dual USB + voltmeter Dual USB + Dual USB with white frame Dual USB Car Charging Plug-in voltmeter + voltmeter Hole fixing panel Screw and terminal 3-in-1 fixed panel Screw and terminal cover Cigarette lighter assembly
  • Power supply: cigarette lighter power supply
  • Input voltage: 12V

This section is: the fixed panel on the cigarette holder-style USB car charger, cigarette holder, with screws, with a soft cover waterproof and dustproof, circular voltmeter outer ring size with the same cigarette lighter and USB car charger

Hole diameter 29MM, sending plug 10CM long red and black two.

Dual USB current 2.1A and 1A respectively, (2.1A rechargeable flat panel, 1A rechargeable mobile phone) Input voltage 12V, output 5V, with LED indicator, power when lit, behind the plug positive and negative points, the above logo, please Note that when installing, apply to motorcycles.

Can be used to plug all kinds of charging cigarette plugs. Maximum current 20A, behind the plug is divided into positive and negative, above the logo, the plug can not be used for cigarette lighter, for the car and motorcycle to install the power socket to use.

Cigarette lighter and cigarette lighter assembly can be cigarette lighter, but also with a cigarette butt, can be fixed in a hole 2 hole 3 hole panel, we can choose according to their needs.

Dual USB diagram is as follows:

Smoke Chart is as follows:

60CM extension line diagram is as follows:

Motorcycle faucet holder as follows:

Voltage table is as follows:

The panel diagram is as follows:

We can be combined into a product through the panel, we according to their needs from the above optional accessories can be.