Fence triangle bends

Fence triangle bends

Product description:

Triangle bending wire mesh fence Unique design: unique design of an embedded link, post fence, creating a whole. The product design has been France industrial design award, and obtained patent certificate.

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Common specifications
Dip the wire diameter: 5.0mm
Mesh size: 50mm x 180mm
Column dimensions: 48 mm x 2.5mm
Mesh size: 2.3M x 2.9m
Four grid of stiffeners: 50X50mm can be customized according to customer requirements.

Structure: Welding of high strength low carbon steel wire and cold wire drawing after the hydro-forming, with link attachments and steel pillars fixed.

Excellent performance:
High strength, good rigidity, handsome in appearance, wide view, easy to install, feels bright, relaxed. Products using high quality raw materials and special surface treatment, corrosion resistance is extremely high. Enjoy ten years quality assurance of finished products.

Installation is simple: No need to install special accessories, use push installation, easy to grasp, simple and fast, reducing costs.

Surface treatment: Zinc-plating steel strip, wire + high adhesion, electrostatic spray of polyester color nearly 200 color and matte surface treatment.
To choose fence installation: (optional) the landfill installation directly on the wall or through the flange on the concrete floor installation safe accessories (optional) according to the site safety requirements, can add the elbow on the fence, barbed wire, Tigers Thorn.

Specifications can be customized, the actual price depends on the specifications of the goods, trade and other factors.

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