MK-138 UHF Wireless Microphone

MK-138 UHF Wireless Microphone

Product description:

MK-138 UHF Wireless Microphone

product description:

MK-138 system is a concert arena for professional wireless microphone systems, the use of a number of industry-leading high-tech design in one: ultra-high frequency (UHF) transmission, true diversity reception, LCD display, mute MUTE displays, SQL , digital volume control system, PLL phase-locked loop technology, noise detection, has the advantage of tuning automatic tracking technology to ensure the system to maintain optimal selectivity at any frequency, easy to operate. infrared data synchronization device with automatic search idle channel features.

MK-138 Technical Data

Carrier frequency: UHF 500 ~ 950MHz

Bandwidth: 50MHz

Nominal / peak deviation: ± 15KHz / ± 48KHz

Receiving sensitivity: 107dBm

Adjacent channel rejection: greater than or equal to 65dB

Image Rejection:> 75 dB

Signal to noise ratio S / N:> 105 dB (A)

Comprehensive T.H.D.:<0.5% @ 1 KHz

Dynamic range:> 105 dB

Audio output level adjustment range: 48B

Working temperature: -15 ° C ~ 60 ° C