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Multipurpose hanging rack | mop frame

Multipurpose hanging rack | mop frame
  • Multipurpose hanging rack | mop frame
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Other info: 40KG
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Wall Mounted 5 Position Mop Broom Holder Tool


• Cleaning tools: broom, broom, mop, laundry bar, clean ball, laundry brush, bath brush, etc.

• Hardware tools: axes, hand saws, flashlights, wrenches, garden shears, iron scissors, screwdriver, hoes, shovels, spades, etc.

• Sports equipment: badminton rackets, tennis rackets, table clubs, golf clubs, baseball bat, grip, ball pump, vertical fishing rod, etc.

• Kitchen utensils: knives, cutting boards, spoons, spatula, cleaning ball, bottle opener, pot brush, etc.


• 100% brand new

• Wall Mounted

• Made of high quality ABS plastic

• 5 position holders

• Size: 435 x63 x 73mm

• Color: As pictured

SKU: 901951-HP-LG-1005

This product is a new type of household goods, using ABS plastic, environmentally friendly and durable, easy to clean. Life broom, mop, Taiwan clubs and other items can be hung, not only save space but also nice, home essential items.

PS: This product is 5 hanging bits, two hooks.

Sizes: 440 * 63 * 82mm

With the package comes with a set screw and an expansion pack set

(Instructions) :
1, the article raised up from the bottom of the slot multifunction pendant, articles into the slot.
2, when used goods, the items put up, so that loose screw mount.
3, items can be moved in parallel scored items.
4, hanging on a hook versatile, can be hung cloth and other items.

SKU: 901951-HP-LG-1005